Next Exit
Next Exit
2022 • PG • • DrameRomanceScience fictionComédie
5/5 • 5.7 / 10 IMDb

In a world where ghosts are real and front-page news, a controversial new medical procedure allows people to peacefully kill themselves. In the midst of this breakthrough, two strangers travel cross country together to end their lives, only to unexpectedly find what they’ve been missing along the way.

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2 Commentaires
dragonsrgood2012 6 days ago

Encore une traduction audio merdique. L'amateurisme, ça vous bousille un film.

[email protected] 4 days ago

😂😂😂 Vraiment !

1 Commentaires
Commenté par Salim Mamarot 5 / 5 4 days ago

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