Beyond Paranormal
Beyond Paranormal
2021 • N/A • • Horreur
3/5 • 5.3 / 10 IMDb

Box Girl Lily, an influencer wannabe, will risk anything for fans, including her boyfriend’s sanity. Promoting her next project, she receives a mysterious statue. Desperate for likes, she recruits him to capture her own possession. The social media-crazed couple get more than they can bargain for when she calls upon powers that are beyond paranormal.

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1 Commentaires
Serge Larbre 6 days ago

pourriez-vous le mettre avec de bonne voie car la voix qui est actuel n'est pas mal merci beaucoup

2 Commentaires
Commenté par Mirlande Bourgeau 2 / 5 28 days ago

Commenté par Patience Yewa - Line 4 / 5 9 days ago

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